1. I __ a student.

2.__ two sisters.

3.He __ like me.

4.I'm English. Where are __ from?

5. __ she go to school every day?

6.__ some books on the table.

7.There isn't __ cheese in the fridge.

8. __ you speak English?

9."What are you doing now?" "I __ English".

10.Do you like __ in London?

11. I __ to the cinema yesterday.

12.Where __ yesterday?

13.James __ to play football tomorrow.

14.John is good at tennis but Richard is __

15.Mary __ that film.

16. I've been in London __ last Christmas.

17.I __ for two hours.

18. I __ go to the cinema but I don't any more.

19. Peter doesn't like beer and __

20. I went to the doctor's yesterday and I __ for half an hour.

21. I __ television last night when my friend rang.

22.There was a robbery at the bank last night and all the money __

23.I __ to Africa on business

24.Unless ... hard he'll fail the exam.

25. If I were you __ to a doctor.

26. She liked the film __?

27. I worked hard __ my exam.

28.When I arrived at the station the train __

29. After __ his homework he went to bed.

30.I __ go to Spain next year.

31. When he __ finished the exam, he'll be able to talk to you.

32. If he __ the car immediately the accident wouldn't have happened.

33. If I had asked the way I __ got lost.

34.You __ your homework before you came to the lesson!

35.By next year he __ his exams.

36.I've rung the bell but there's no answer. He __ in bed.

37. I'm thinking __ away next Sunday.

38.Would you mind __ me five dollars.

39.He didn't look when crossing the road. He __ in a hurry.

40. __ two tickets for the cinema.

41.I've been sitting in the classroom __

42. I'm looking forward __ you again.

43.He __ eaten something before going to school.

44. If all the hotels are full you __ phone this number.

45.It's high time you __ some work.

46.I wish I __ that.

47.Take that umbrella in case it __

48.In spite of __ late she caught the bus.

49.Providing that __ hard she will pass the exam.

50.He suffers __ hay fever every summer.

Bosh sahifa
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